How To Claim Bankruptcy

Most potential clients want to know whether or not bankruptcy will help them. They also want to know how to claim bankruptcy. This is the typical bankruptcy advice that I give out each day. The fact if that for most people, bankruptcy is going to help. Bankruptcy is a legal right that everyone, as an American, has. This is going to help you out. This is going to eliminate your debt. You’re going to get a fresh start. What Congress and the legislature have said is what’s called a fresh start from your debt. This is a Constitutional right. As an American, you have these rights, and you should exercise these rights.The Constitution says that bankruptcy is something that Congress has the power to make rules and laws regarding bankruptcy, so even way back in the revolutionary – 1700s, 1800s, when this country was first starting, the forefathers understood bankruptcy and understood that creditors – a debtor should not be a slave the rest of their life to a creditor, in a sense, and they used bankruptcy as a way out.

Bankruptcy is the way out, to help a lot of people. Not only will it eliminate debt, but it can save a lot of personal property. If you want to file a Chapter 7 and eliminate all your debt and you qualify, all that debt’s going to be discharged. It’s going to be a huge relief, huge stress of your back. You’re going to get rid of all the creditors. You’re going to be able to really, really have a fresh start and understand that that fresh start really is a fresh start.
So many times after a debtor has received a discharge in bankruptcy, after I’ve spoken with them, after the 341 meeting, many of them can’t believe how easy it was. They can’t believe how fast it went. And they can’t believe that they’re debt free. Of course, it is a personal decision to claim bankruptcy.

Once the realization hits that they no longer have to spend half of their income on catching up on their credit card bills or they had a medical injury and today’s medical bills are so expensive, especially if you have a serious medical issue, you can discharge those medical bills. It’s a huge relief and stress of your back. Bankruptcy will help you. Furthermore, in a Chapter 13, if one qualifies for a Chapter 13, you can save your home, you can save your house, and you can save your car. This is something that really needs to be emphasized here because when the housing market and the bubble burst and everyone was trying to get a loan modification, bankruptcy options should have been discussed more in the news.