Setting up a radio station on your own is certainly easy. You might need some help initially to get you started with setting up your radio station.

There are some basic information that you must know before starting to set up the radio station.

· Understand the basics of the radio terminologies so that you are able to relate to it better.

· Check with websites that can help you to schedule your broadcasts. This way, you can upload your programs at any time rather then staying up catering to specific time zones.

· Be clear about how you want your radio station to be branded. Set up a brand strategy that can help your station in getting noticed by the listeners.

Here are the answers to some of the most asked questions about internet radio.

Technical Aspects
There is no need to worry about the technical aspects of setting up a radio. The technical requirements for setting up the online radio platform is very minimal. There no requirement to purchase any advanced technical equipments with lot of investment. All that you need is a laptop, an internet connection and a microphone.

Licensing Requirements
For setting up a regular radio channel such as an FM or AM, you certainly need a license for setting up your station. However, for an internet radio station there is no requirement for getting a license.

There are three important stages with respect to internet broadcasting.

· Source: The computer from which the programs are going to be uploaded. In other words, your computer.

· Server: Your program gets streamed into a common location which is called as a server from which the program will be broadcast into the listeners.

· Listener: The audience who will be listening to the radio program.

The only cost that you might have to worry about is the cost you will be paying the server for hosting your content. It depends on the amount of the data that has to be stored. When more than a particular number of listener tune-in, it becomes impossible for the server to hand this. Therefore, think well when it comes to the server size.

Good luck in setting up your own radio station!